22. August 2017
Looking forward to my friend's L.A. wedding on 31 August 2017. Two actors are emerging on one common path. Can't wait to witness and capture this special occasion. I'll post some photos from wedding and L.A. soon. Stay tuned...
04. August 2017
Getting ready for the opening of my exhibit Croatian Streetphotography at HMI Gallery in Dubrovnik. We hang the photos this morning during what felt like a 40 degree heatwave. Thanks to my patient brother, the prints behind acrylic glass hang perfectly on the wall - couldn't have done it without you! See you all there.
29. Juli 2017
Off to Zagreb to pick up the prints for my exhibit Croatian Streetphotography, which opens on 04.08. in Dubrovnik.
14. Juli 2017
All the photos are up and hanging. It was quite a challenge to hang them all in just the right manner but we managed. Special thanks to my wonderfully creative sister and my always helpful and crafted dad.